Sample Web Sites from InSite Facilitation

Stanton Davis Homestead Museum

Stanton Davis Homestead Museum (example only)


Business proposition: The Stanton Davis Homestead Museum, Inc., is a project to turn a very historic home, steeped in early American history, into a rich education museum. The people involved in the project needed a site to inform the public, assist in fundraising, and elicit interest in the project.

What we did: We used the colors and historical elements of the house as a basis for the design (the text image on the heading banner is taken from the Stanton will), and designed a flexible, multi-functional site. The "side-bar" boxes allowed us to provide jumping off points to interesting "side-bar" information. The Paypal link began to capture spontaneous donations to the project.

The result: This site was the beginning of the story of the Stanton Davis Homestead Museum: its history as a building, the impact of the Stanton and Davis families in early American history, and the plans of the SDMH, Inc. Unfortunately, the organization could not sustain the web site and it was very short-lived. Nevertheless, the concept was sound.

The example shown here is now partially a mock-up.